Corporate Philosophy

Aggressive / Pragmatic / Innovate / Cooperate

  • Persistence of products innovation and development

  • Keep ability to adapt and adjust to the market evolution

  • Our insistence on becoming industry bellwether

Thinkoutside the box
Worksmart and efficient

High Product Yield

Help you to create more refined products

Engineer Corner

“Quality is never an accident ; it is always the result of intelligent effort” John Ruskin

The success of a project usually determines whether the initial design is correct. Wrong design will lead to more time, manpower, material and financial resources.

Biguar has many years of successful experience, in order to help our customers complete process planning and design at the first place.

  • Virgin Pulp Stock Preparation

  • Waste Paper Treatment System

  • Waste Paper Dispersing System

  • Waste Paper Deinking System

  • Paper Mill & Pulp Molding Factory Turnkey Solution

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